St. Ignatius Invitational, Wednesday, April 11, 2017


Lineups are posted.

Meet in the glass doors area at 3:20pm.

Team camps should be set up in the stands.  
Athletes may warm up on the edges of the track.

Tentative Schedule

Field Events

4:30       Long Jump (cafeteria for 45 minutes—4:30-5:15, fs and varsity combined)

High Jump  (fs and varsity combined)

Shot put (varsity and frosh/soph combined)

5:30       Triple Jump (cafeteria for 45 minutes—5:30-6:15, fs and varsity combined), follows LJ

              Discus (fs and varsity combined), follows SP


Running Events (all times estimated)

4:30       4×800 (Varsity and frosh/soph combined, 1 team each level, plus exhibition teams, fs and varsity combined)

 4:45      4×100 (Varsity and frosh soph combined, 1 team each level, plus exhibition teams)

4:50       3200 (Varsity and F/S, fs and varsity combined)

5:05       110 HH  (Frosh/soph, varsity)

5:10       100 (Frosh/soph, varsity)

5:30       800 (Varsity and frosh soph combined. Two heats.)

5:40       4×200 (Varsity and frosh soph combined, 1 team each level, plus exhibition teams)

5:50       400 (Frosh/soph, varsity)

6:00       300 IH (Frosh/soph, varsity)

6:15       1600 (Varsity and frosh soph combined. Two heats.)

6:30       200 (Frosh/soph, varsity)

6:45       4×400 (Varsity and frosh/soph combined, 1 team each level, plus exhibition heat)

7:00       Meet finished



Meet at Concordia with OPRF and Morton has been cancelled


Due to Tuesday’s weather forecast of rain with a high temperature of 42 degrees, OPRF has cancelled the triangular boys’ track meet at Concordia University.  This meet with Fenwick and Morton will not be rescheduled.

Fenwick’s next meet will be Wednesday, April 11th, at St. Ignatius starting at 4:30pm.

Oak Park with Morton, Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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Teams: Oak Park River Forest (host), Fenwick, Morton

Meet has been cancelled.

Plan on cold and damp/rainy weather.  Wear plenty of gear: tights, uniform, sweat pants and top, uniform jacket and pants, windbreaker, coat, hat, gloves, rain suit or poncho or umbrella, and whatever else you need to stay warm.  Bring extra socks and keep them dry.  Bring a towel.  

An old blanket is a great thing to have on cold meet days.  You can easily stay wrapped in it until start time and then quickly get wrapped back up in it after your race.

Check out long jump world record holder Bob Beamon (29’ 2.5”—an Olympic record that still stands) and Ralph Boston at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City:


The wind is cold at Concordia after 4pm.  If you aren’t over-dressed, you will be miserable.

Field events: LJ, TJ, HJ, PV, shot, and discus

Running events:

1) 4 x 800m relay

2) 4 x 100m relay

3) 3200m run

4) 110m high hurdles

5) 100m dash

6) 800m run

7) 4 x 200m relay

8) 400m dash

9) 300m intermediate hurdles

10) 1600m run

11) 200m dash

12) 4 x 400m relay

CCL Indoor Championships, Saturday, March 17, 2018

DSC 0503

Be at the entrance doors of Fenwick at 7:45am.

Time schedule:

8:30am Field House opens to all teams

9am Coaches Meeting

9:20 3200m run, heat 1 (F/S and Varsity)

9:20 LJ, HJ, SP, PV begin.  TJ follows LJ

9:45 60m HH prelims. Top 8 times advance to finals.

10:00 Open 1600m (“1 mile”) run

10:10 60m dash prelims.  Top 8 times advance to finals

10:35 3200m relay

11:00 3200m run

11:30 60m HH finals

11:45 60m dash finals

11:55am 800m run

12:20pm 800m relay

12:50 400m dash

1:25 1600m run

1:55 200m dash

2:20 1600m relay

3:00 Awards


Lineups are posted on the lineups page.

All athletes are expected to stay until the end of the meet.  (Emergency sign outs only.)




Morton Invitational, Friday March 9, 2018

DSC 0458


Be at the glass doors area at 3:20pm.  The bus leaves at 3:30pm.

Morton’s track is a 160m ProTraxx.  Racing flats or 1/8 in pyramid spikes only (no needle spikes–strictly enforced).  

Team camps will be in the balcony.  All food and drink must remain in the camp.

Order of events:

A) 4x800m relay

B) 4x160m relay

C) 3200m run

D) 55m high hurdles

E) 55m dash

F) 800m run

G) 400m dash

H) 600m run

I) 55m low hurdles

J) 1600m run

K) 200m dash

L) 4 x 400m relay

Shot, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault

Field events are scheduled to begin at 4:30 pm.  Running events start at 5:00.

Lineups are posted.


Hinsdale Central, Friday March 2, 2018


Be in the glass doors area at 3:20 for attendance.  The bus leaves immediately after attendance.  

Meet starts at 5:00pm with the 3200m relay and field events.

There will be a concession stand.

Long jump, followed by triple jump (3 jumps, cafeteria style)

Shot: F/S and then Varsity, Top throwers in flight 1

The track is 160m.  1/8 inch spikes, 3/16 spikes, or racing flats allowed.

There are two levels: F/S and Varsity  ONE relay per level.

The first two heats in all running events except the 400 and 200 are scoring.  There are three scoring heats in the 400 and 200.  2 entries per school for the scoring heats.  The remaining heats are exhibition, regardless of times.  All athletes should report their times to a coach as soon as their race is finished.

Schools: Hinsdale Central, Benet, Fenwick, Jones College Prep, Marmion, Plainfield Central

Lineups are posted

Order of events:

A) 3200m relay, F/S and then V

B) 55m High Hurdles, F/S scoring, V scoring, Open

C) 55m Dash, F/S scoring, V scoring, Open

D) 800m Run, F/S scoring, V scoring, Open

E) 4 x 160m relay, F/S, and then V

F) 400m Dash, F/S scoring, V scoring, Open

G) 600m Dash, F/S scoring, V scoring, Open

H) 55m Low Hurdles, F/S scoring, V scoring, Open

I) 1600m Run, F/S scoring, V scoring, Open

J) 200m Dash, F/S scoring, V scoring, Open

K) 4 x 400m Relay, F/S and then V


ICOPS Invitational, Sunday, February 25, 2018

DSC 0380

See the information about the ICOPS meet below.  There is only one level and there are 2 entries per event and one relay per school.  Lineups will be posted later this week.  The meet is at Lewis University in Romeoville.

Be at Fenwick at 7:15 am.  You will be at Lewis University until mid-afternoon.  Bring food, drink, pillow, blanket, homework, etc.

Lineups are posted.


Screen Shot 2018 02 22 at 5 27 15 AM

Screen Shot 2018 02 22 at 5 27 52 AM


See the information about the ICOPS meet below.  There is only one level and there are 2 entries per event and one relay per school.  Lineups will be posted later this week.  The meet is at Lewis University in Romeoville.


Screen Shot 2017 02 19 at 1 46 23 PM

Screen Shot 2017 02 19 at 1 47 01 PM


Oak Park Quadrangular Meet on Saturday, February 17

Matt Augustyn triple jump landing

Lineups are posted.

This weekend’s meet will be at the Oak Park and River Forest Fieldhouse.

Pole vaulter(s) need to be at Fenwick at 7:15am.

Everyone else should be at Fenwick at 8:00am.

Pole vault begins at 8:00am.   Running and other field events begin at 9:00am.

When vault is finished, long jump begins.  Triple jump follows long jump.

Shot put follows high jump.

In the running events, three entries and one relay from each school will be seeded to score.  

Races will be hand-timed.

Because of the delay in field event starts and the number of heats in some races, you may have to wait until the start of your event or between events.  Plan for some down time.  Bring a pillow, blanket, homework, food, and drink.

Sprinters and field event athletes:  please warm up thoroughly before your event begins.  

Sprinters: be aware of the meet progress and check in with the clerk before your race so that you are not scratched.  

Homewood-Flossmoor Invitational, Saturday, February 10

DSC 0662

Lineups are posted. (Contact Coach McKinley immediately if there are any questions.)

Schools competing: Homewood-Flossmoor, Brother Rice, Fenwick, Thornton, Bolingbrook

Be at Fenwick at 8:00 am

Field Events begin at 10:00am, Running Events begin at 10:00am

Admission: $5 adults, $2 students

Concession stand will be open.

NO SPIKES are allowed.  Remove spikes from competition shoes.  High jumpers must wear rubber soled shoes only.  The starter and clerk will be monitoring this and a team will be disqualified if an athlete is wearing spikes.  Take them out BEFORE leaving.

This meet is one-level only.  There will be a low hurdle event for frosh-soph.

Track is 6 lane, 200m mondo surface.  8 lanes are on the straight-away.

Shot will be thrown from a wood surface.  Team camps will be in the infield or along the outer walls.

No gum, candy, or drinks other than water in the fieldhouse.

Scoring: 8-6-4-2-1 for individual events and 8-6-4-2 for relays.

Distance races will have a waterfall start.

Order of running events:

A) 4x800m relay

B) 3200m run

C) 60m High Hurdles followed by 60m low hurdles for F/S

D) 60m dash

E) 800m run

F) 4 x 200m relay

G) 400m dash

H) 600m run

I) 1600m run

J) 200m dash

K) 4 x 100m weight man’s relay

L) 4 x 400m relay

Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Shot

The school is located at 999 Kedzie Ave, Flossmoor, Illinois.:


Thornwood Invitational 2/3/2018

DSC 0104

Our first meet of the season is this Saturday at Thornwood High School.  Teams competing: Thornwood, Fenwick, Morgan Park, Chicago Brooks, Chicago Simeon, Thornridge, Tinley Park, Kankakee.  Lineups are posted.  Click on the lineups link and enter the password.

All team members will meet in the glass-doors area at by 7:10am.  Remember:  the bus waits for no one.

When we arrive at Thornwood, our captains will assemble the team on the track for a two lap “warm-up”.  All veterans must wear track warmups. First year athletes are excused from this requirement.  

Events begin at 9am.  Frosh-soph runs first, then varsity.  Long jump, then triple jump.  No pole vault this year.

Track is a resurfaced 160y (11 laps to the mile), 6 lane Mondo.  It is marked in meters.


Team camps are in the small gym across the hall from the North Fieldhouse.  All warmups will take place in the North Fieldhouse, not on the track.

Staging area will be near the high jump and pole vault.  Check in before your event to get hip numbers.

Scoring: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1

4 jumps in LJ and TJ.  4 throws in shot.  No finals. 

9am: Field events begin, TJ after LJ, PV after shot and HJ.  F/S goes first in HJ and shot.  V goes first in LJ and TJ. F/S and V compete together in PV.

9am: Running events (F/S first in each event)

4 x 800 relay

3200m run

55 HH

55 dash

800m run

4 x 200m relay

400m dash

1600m run

200m dash

4 x 400m relay

Although this meet is not a long invitational, you should bring things for comfort: food, water, pillow, blanket, homework.  The estimated end time is 2pm, but that could change depending on the efficiency of the meet.

You should be aware of when your event is approaching.  Ask a varsity member or coach when you should start warming up.  Make sure that you have jogged, done your flexibility drills, and accelerations before you check in at the start.  Keep your sweats on.  You should start each race feeling warm and have a perspiration going.

Cool down after your race.  

If you are assigned the “Meet Bag” or water jugs, make sure these get back on the bus.

How to get there:  From Fenwick, take the Eisenhower east to the Dan Ryan.  Go south to the Bishop Ford (90) and then to exit 73A, which is 159th Street. Go west on 159th Street to Park Avenue (passing Cottage Grove, which is a major intersection).  Turn left on Park Avenue and proceed South for over a mile until you get to the school on your left.  The parking lot is south of the school building and field house.  

Address: 17101 S Park Avenue, South Holland, Illinois 60473