Meet with OPRF and Morton on Tuesday

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Be in the glass doors area at 3:20pm.  Field events should begin warming up immediately upon arrival at Concordia.

The meet will run straight through.  Field and running events start at 4pm.  The order of running events are:

4 x 800m relay

4 x 100m relay

3200m run

110m High Hurdles

100m dash

800m run

4 x 200m relay

400m dash

300m Intermediate Hurdles

1600m run

200m dash

4 x 400m relay

Info on the Conference Meet

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The Chicago Catholic League Indoor Track Championships will be held at the University of Chicago.

Be at Fenwick at 12:15pm.

Coaches meeting at 1:50.

Field and running underway at 2:10.

Remember that there is no sign-out at this meet.  The meet ends for all at 7:30pm.

Here is the complete schedule.  2017 GCAC-CCL Conference Schedule.pdf

Here are the seeds for Sunday’s meet: CCL Seeds Sheets.pdf

Information on the Morton Invitational, Friday, March 10, 2017


Because of a conflict at Morton West, the meet will be run at Morton East High School in Cicero.

Be at the glass doors area at 3:50pm.  

Morton’s track is a 160m ProTraxx.  1/8 in pyramid spikes only (no needle spikes–strictly enforced) or racing flats.  

4:30pm: Coaches’ Meeting

5:00pm: Field Events

5:30pm: Running Events

Order of events:

A) 4x800m relay

B) 4x160m relay

C) 3200m run

D) 55m high hurdles

E) 55m dash

F) 800m run

G) 400m dash

H) 600m run

I) 55m low hurdles

J) 1600m run

K) 200m dash

L) 4 x 400m relay

Shot, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault

Lineups are posted.

Morton East High School:

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Lineups for Hinsdale Central are posted

Starting Blocks

Lineups for Hinsdale Central are posted on the lineups page.

For those with an ** next to your name, get your physicals and/or compliance forms done tonight.

😥😥”Why am I NOT in the lineup?”😥😥


“Oh wait.  Did coach send me a personal email saying that if I was one of the fourteen people who after being reminded 100000000 times to get in their physicals and/or compliance forms and had still had not returned it that I would not be competing until I got it done?  Yeah.  That’s it.”

Get this done.

Meet at Hinsdale Central, Friday, March 3, 2017

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This meet is unlimited entries.  Everyone eligible will compete (except those injured and not able to attend practice). 

Be in the glass doors area at 3:20 for attendance.  The bus leaves at 3:30pm.  Coaches meeting for seeding is at 4:30pm.

Meet starts at 5:00pm with the 3200m relay and field events.

Long jump, followed by triple jump (3 jumps, cafeteria style)

Shot: F/S: only throws over 25’ will be marked/scored.  Varsity: only throws over 35’ will be marked/scored.  Top throwers in flight 1

The track is 160m.  1/8 inch spikes, 3/16 spikes, or racing flats allowed.

There are two levels: F/S and Varsity  ONE relay per level.

The first two heats in all running events (except 3200m run) are scoring.  Runners most likely to score should be running in those heats.  The remaining heats are exhibition, regardless of times.

Schools: Hinsdale Central, Benet, Fenwick, Jones College Prep, Marmion, Plainfield East, Roosevelt, Solorio Academy, Westmont

Lineups are will be posted by Thursday.

Order of events:

A) 3200m relay

B) 4 x 160m relay

C) 3200m Run

D) 55m High Hurdles

E) 55m Dash

F) 800m Run

G) 400m Dash

H) 600m Dash

I) 55m Low Hurdles

J) 1600m Run

K) 200m Dash

L) 4 x 400m Relay


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Have you turned in your CCL permission forms to coach Wnek??????

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Do it now.

Here are the forms, in case yours has been misplaced:  UofCwaiverforCCLindoorChamps.pdf

Heat Sheets for ICOPS

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Heats and flights can be found at:

ICOPS Lineups


Lineups for ICOPS are posted.

Be at Fenwick at 7:15 am.  You will be at Lewis University until mid-afternoon.  Bring food, drink, pillow, blanket, homework, etc.  

More information on the meet appears below.

Information for ICOPS on Sunday, February 26

Ct glenbardsouth mattaugustyn

Results from the OPRF meet are now posted.

See the information about the ICOPS meet below.  There is only one level and there are 2 entries per event and one relay per school.  Lineups will be posted later this week.  The meet is at Lewis University in Romeoville.


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