Dynamic Stretching/Form Running

Every day before practice begins, the sprinters and field event athletes go through a routine to get the blood flowing and then to increase the range of motion of muscles and lubricate joints. The type of pre-workout stretches we do are called dynamic stretches.

The routine is as follows.

Light running for 10-20 minutes.

Dynamic flexibility/form running:

1. Knee Pulls, walking: knee pulled into chest using both hands to assist, slow and deliberate

2. Butt Kicks, walking: keep foreleg straight down and pull heel into the buttocks (use hand for assist): slow

3. High Knees, skipping: a hop with a high knee action

4. High Knees, running: trying to lift the knees as high as possible

5. Butt Kicks, running: kicking buttocks with heels

6. Toy Soldiers: arms straight out, straight leg kick to the hands

7. Side Slide: hands up, run/glide sideways, feet do not cross—both sides

8. Karaoke: side running, feet cross over—both sides

9. Bounding

10. Backwards running

Sprinting (30-40 m) then follows.

After our workout, we do a series of static stretching exercises.

This YouTube video demonstrates some of our dynamic stretching exercises (as well as others):

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