Keeping track of fluid intake is just as important as keeping track of what you eat.

Track is either an endurance event, or it’s a burst of intensity.  Either way, it’s easy to lose body fluids through sweating and breathing.  It’s important to begin your workout or competition well hydrated, and it’s important to stay hydrated during competition, and it’s important to replenish after competition.

Don’t wait until you are thirsty.  Thirst is a sensation that comes long after dehydration has set in.  When you’re thirsty, you’ve been dehydrated for a while.  You then will not perform to your potential and you may start to feel unwell, possibly nauseous, dizzy, and very tired.

Here are some guidelines on fluid intake to perform your best.

Two hours before your practice or competition:  16 oz of water or sports drink (no sugary drinks or pop–these can actually DEhydrate you!)

30 minutes before your practice or competition: 8 more oz of water or sports drink.

If you are practicing, you should consume 8 oz every 20 minutes and if you are running nonstop, you should be drinking a sports drink to replace lost electrolytes.

During the day, if you find yourself drinking a half-gallon of fluid, that’s about right.

Your urine should be straw colored to nearly clear.  If it is dark or if you have restricted flow, you are dehydrated.

For optimal performance, stay hydrated!



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