CCL Championships


Lineups are now posted.
Everyone will be released from class at 12:40pm.  Bus leaves at 1:00pm and attendance will be taken at Concordia when we arrive.   Don’t be AWOL during attendance or coach Moland will see you.
Everyone must stay until the end of the meet.
Worker assignments:
Meet information:
2:00pm Coaches Meeting
2:30pm Field Events 
Long jump followed by triple jump: 1 hour cafeteria style, top 9 to finals
Shot Put: 3 flights, top flight first, three throws:  top 9 to finals, three throws in finals
Discus: 3 flights, top flight last, three throws:  top 9 to finals, three throws in finals
High jump: Starting height 5’ 0″
Pole vault: Starting height 8’0″
3:15pm Exhibition 1600
3:30pm Finals
4 x 800m relay: 1 heat
4 x 100m relay: 2 heats
3200m run: 2 heats
110m High Hurdles: 3 heats
100m dash: 7 heats
800m run: 3 heats
4 x 200m relay: 2 heats
400m dash: 6 heats
300m IM Hurdles: 4 heats
1600m run: 2 heats
200m dash: 7 heats
4 x 400m relay: 2 heats

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