Lineups are posted for the Niles West Invitational


Be at school at 7:15 am.

Coaches meeting at 8:15 am.

Please dress for very cold weather.  Layer your sweats.  Wear a hat and gloves.  Wear a winter coat.  Wear tights.  Put on two pairs of socks.  The predicted meet start-time temperature is below freezing.  Since there is often a lot of wind at Niles West, there might be significant wind chill.  

Bring an old blanket.  You can use this to wrap around yourself at the starting line and finish line when you need to discard and put on clothing quickly.

Semis for 100m, 110m HH, and 200m dash begin at 9:00 am. Field events begin at 9:00 am.

Frosh/Soph 3200m will run between the 110m HH and 200m dash.

5 alive for HJ and PV.   LJ and TJ are cafeteria style—4 jumps, no finals. Shot and discus–three throws, top 7 to finals.

2 entries per event for all events. (Including shot and discus this year.)

Teams competing:

  1. Antioch
  2. Fenwick
  3. Plainfield East
  4. Mather
  5. Northside College Prep
  6. Yorkville
  7. Huntley
  8. Harlem
  9. U of C Lab School
  10. Niles West

Notes: No pin spikes.  Only pyramid spikes.  Shot and Discus rings are cement.  3 attempts in the long jump, triple jump, shot, and discus.  No finals for field events.  Long jump and triple jump are cafeteria style.

Niles West High School is in Niles on Oakton Street just west of the Edens expressway:



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