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 You must own a uniform.  Get this obligation out of the way so that you can compete in major meets.  Contact a coach if you need help with this.

Meet Information: Thornwood

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Our first meet of the season is this Saturday at Thornwood High School.

All team members will meet in the glass-doors area at 8:30am.  Remember:  the bus waits for no one.

When we arrive at Thornwood, our captains will assemble the team on the track for a two lap “warm-up”.  You must be wearing your track sweats (unless you are an underclassman and haven’t received your sweats yet).  

Events begin at 10am.  Frosh-soph runs first, then varsity.  Long jump, then triple jump.  No pole vault this year.

Although this meet is not a long invitational, you should bring things for comfort: food, water, pillow, blanket, homework.  The estimated end time is 2pm, but that could change depending on the efficiency of the meet.

You should be aware of when your event is approaching.  Ask a varsity member when you should start warming up.  Make sure that you have jogged, done your flexibility drills, and accelerations before you check in at the start.  Keep your sweats on.  You should start each race feeling warm and have a perspiration going.

Cool down after your race.  

If you are assigned the “Meet Bag” or water jugs, make sure these get back on the bus.

Here is information about the meet and track:  Thornwood Boys Open.pdf

How to get there:  From Fenwick, take the Eisenhower east to the Dan Ryan.  Go south to the Bishop Ford (90) and then to exit 73A, which is 159th Street. Go west on 159th Street to Park Avenue (passing Cottage Grove, which is a major intersection).  Turn left on Park Avenue and proceed South for over a mile until you get to the school on your left.  The parking lot is south of the school building and field house.  


Address: 17101 S Park Avenue, South Holland, Illinois 60473


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