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Information on Friar Invitational


The Fenwick Friar Invitational is this Saturday, May 2, 2015 at Concordia University.

Lineups are posted.  NOTE: A few changes have been made.  Please check!

Be at Fenwick at 9am.


Information about the two meets this weekend

DSC 0045

Don Relays at Notre Dame High School:  Bus leaves at 3:20 pm.  

Field events begin at 5:00pm (shot before discus, Long and Triple compete simultaneously on two boards)

5:30pm  Prelims of 100m Dash and 110m High Hurdles

Finals follow prelims:

A) 3200m relay

B) 400m relay

C) 110m HH finals

D) Mid Distance Medley (200-200-400-800)

E) Low Hurdle Shuttle Relay

F) Distance Medley (800-400-1200-1600)

G) 800m relay

H) 1600m run

I) 1600m relay


Friar Relays at Concordia University

Bus leaves from Fenwick at 9:00 am

Varsity athletes please be at the track between 10:30 and 11:00 am.  First come, first choice of jobs.

11am: Field Events (Shot and Discus flights flipped, triple follows LJ)


A) 100m dash semis

B) 4 x 1600m relay

C) Pentathlon 100m dash

D) 200m dash semis

E) 4 x 800m relay

F) 4 x 100m relay

G) Sprint Medley (200-200-400-800)

H) 100m dash finals

I) 400m dash

J) Pentathlon 110m low hurdles

K) Shuttle Hurdle Relay

L) 4 x 200m relay

M) Pentathlon 1600m run

N) 1600m run

O) 200m dash finals

P) Distance Medley Relay (800-400-1200-1600)

Q) 4 x 400m relay


Notre Dame High School is in Niles,:

Screen Shot 2015 04 24 at 10 18 24 AM


Lineups for this week are posted…

DSC 0311

Lineups for the Don Relays (Friday) and Friar Relays (Sunday) are posted.

Note:  There have been more changes in both lineups since Tuesday morning.  Check your status.

More information will be available later this week.

Information on the Vernon Hills Invitational, Saturday, April 18


Lineups are posted.

Be at Fenwick at 7:45 am.

Tentative Time Schedule

9:30 am.Coaches and Captains’ Meeting at the Finish Line

Field Events

10:00 amHigh JumpGirls then boys – 5 alive –  Starting Height 4’0” / 5’0”

Pole VaultBoys then girls – 5 alive – Starting Height 8’0” / 6’0”

Long Jump Girls and boys simultaneous diff pits – Cafeteria style  – 4 Jumps – all finals

Triple Jump after LJ – Girls, then boys, same pit – Cafeteria style  – 4 Jumps – all finals

Shot Put Girls and boys simultaneous – 3 throws prelims, 3 finals

DiscusGirls and boys simultaneous – 3 throws prelims, 3 finals

Track Events


Girls DMR – 1200/400/800/1600 (1 section V & JV TOGETHER)

Boys DMR – 1200/400/800/1600 (1 section V & JV TOGETHER)

Girls – 4×100 Meter Relay (2 sections, V & JV)

Boys – 4×100 Meter Relay (2 sections, V & JV)

Girls – 100 Meter Hurdle Finals

Boys – 110 Meter Hurdle Finals

Girls – 100 Meter Dash Finals

Boys – 100 Meter Dash Finals

Girls – 800 Meter Run (2 sections in alleys)

Boys – 800 Meter Run (2 sections in alleys)

Girls – 4×200 Meter Relay (2 sections, V & JV)

Boys – 4×200 Meter Relay (2 sections, V & JV)

Girls – 400 Meter Dash (possibly 3 sections )

Boys – 400 Meter Dash (possibly 3 sections )

Girls – 300 Meter Low Hurdles (possibly 3 sections )

Boys – 300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles (possibly 3 sections)

Girls – 1600 Meter Run (2 sections )

Boys – 1600 Meter Run (2 sections )

Girls -200/200/400/800 (2 sections, V & JV)

Boys -200/200/400/800 (2 sections, V & JV)

Girls and Boys – Throwers 4 x 100m relay

Girls – 4×400 Meter Relay (2 sections, V & JV)

Boys – 4×400 Meter Relay (2 sections, V & JV)

Approximately 2pm: Presentation of Awards

Screen Shot 2015 04 16 at 9 56 03 PM

This week’s meet information (St. Ignatius and Vernon Hills)

DSC 0453

Lineups are posted for St. Ignatius (Wednesday) and Vernon Hill’s Invitational (Saturday)

Information on Saturday’s meet will be posted later this week.

For Wednesday:

The bus leaves promptly after 11th period.  

St. Ignatius facilities:

  • 6-lane, 400-meter all-weather track.  Spikes allowed.  Track was resurfaced last summer, but short spikes might be best.  
  • Long jump, pole vault, and high jump areas are relocated and will not take up lanes on the track.
  • For running events, FS first, then varsity.  In some cases FS and varsity will be combined. 
  • Super-alley starts for 4×800, 3200, 800, and 1600.
  • All athletes must stay off the soccer/football field.  
  • Team camps should be set up in the stands.  
  • Athletes may warm up on the edges of the track.

Tentative Schedule

Field Events

4:30       Long Jump (cafeteria for 45 minutes—4:30-5:15, fs and varsity combined)

High Jump  (fs and varsity combined)

Shot put (varsity and frosh/soph combined)

5:30       Triple Jump (cafeteria for 45 minutes—5:30-6:15, fs and varsity combined), follows LJ

              Discus (fs and varsity combined), follows SP


Running Events (all times estimated)

4:30       4×800 (Varsity and frosh/soph combined, 1 team each level, plus exhibition teams, fs and varsity combined)

 4:45      4×100 (Varsity and frosh soph combined, 1 team each level, plus exhibition teams)

4:50       3200 (Varsity and F/S, fs and varsity combined)

5:05       110 HH  (Frosh/soph, varsity)

5:10       100 (Frosh/soph, varsity)

5:30       800 (Varsity and frosh soph combined. Two heats.)

5:40       4×200 (Varsity and frosh soph combined, 1 team each level, plus exhibition teams)

5:50       400 (Frosh/soph, varsity)

6:00       300 IH (Frosh/soph, varsity)

6:15       1600 (Varsity and frosh soph combined. Two heats.)

6:30       200 (Frosh/soph, varsity)

6:45       4×400 (Varsity and frosh/soph combined, 1 team each level, plus exhibition heat)

7:00       Meet finished


Screen Shot 2013 04 08 at 8 34 37 PM

Information for the Niles West Invitational on Saturday, April 11, 2015

DSC 0424

Lineups are posted. [Note: lineup changes have occurred for varsity level 100m and 200m dashes.]

Be at school at 7:15 am.

Coaches meeting at 8:30 am. Semis for 100m, 110m HH, and 200m dash begin at 8:45 am. Field events begin at 9:00 am. Frosh/Soph 3200m will run between the 110m HH and 200m dash.

5 alive for HJ and PV.   LJ and TJ are cafeteria style—3 jumps, no finals. Shot and discus–three throws, top 7 to finals.

Teams competing:

  1. Antioch
  2. Fenwick
  3. Plainfield East
  4. Mather
  5. Northside College Prep
  6. Yorkville
  7. Huntley
  8. Harlem
  9. Prosser
  10. Niles West

Notes: No pin spikes.  Only pyramid spikes.  Shot and Discus rings are cement.  3 attempts in the long jump, triple jump, shot, and discus.  No finals for field events.  Long jump and triple jump are cafeteria style.

Niles West High School is in Niles on Oakton Street just west of the Edens expressway:



Meet at Concordia with Oak Park and Morton


Lineups for Tuesday’s meet at Concordia are posted.

Meet at Concordia (not Fenwick) at 3:30pm.  There is no bus.

It will be cold—High temperatures are expected in the mid 50s.  Dress appropriately.  Compression shirt, tights, extra sweat top, hats, and gloves are strongly recommended.  Although you think you won’t need them at 4:00, by 6:00 you’ll be glad you have them.  The wind at Concordia always makes the track area seem colder.

If you are a sprinter, you’ll need to warm up completely before each event and cool down after competing.  That means 10 minutes of light jogging and an abbreviated version of dynamic flexibility/form running.  Leave sweats on until the last possible moment.  Have a light sweat going when you show up for the start.  Get sweats back on and start jogging immediately after your event or jump/throw.

Bring fluids and drink frequently.  It’s very easy to dehydrate when it’s cold.  You probably won’t sense that you are thirsty, but drink anyway.  If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.

Field events:

Shot, Discus, Pole Vault, High Jump, Triple Jump, Long Jump

Order for running events:

A) 4 x 800 relay

B) 4 x 100 relay

C) 3200m run

D) 110m high hurdles

E) 100m dash

F) 800m run 

G) 4 x 200m relay

H) 400m dash

I) 300m intermediate hurdles

J) 1600m run

K) 200m dash

L) 4 x 400m relay