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Bolingbrook Fast Times (and Prep Top Times)

Anthony Pasquesi

For Prep Top Times: the following athletes should report to Fenwick at 5:30am:

Luke Wolff, Jeremy Carlisle, Joseph Cozzi, Sal Flight, and Joseph Bleyer

The heat sheets for this meet are on the lineups page.


For the Bolingbrook Fast Times meet, lineups are posted.  Be at Fenwick at 2:30pm


4pm: Field Events Begin (Triple jump after long jump:  pits are open for 2 hours—4 jumps, no finals),

Shot put: top 9 to finals

4:30pm: prelims in 55 high hurdles and 55 dash

Finals immediately following prelims:

4 x 800m


55m HH

55m dash


4 x 200m




4 x 400m


Congratulations CCL Frosh/Soph Team Champions 2015

Team victory


Congratulations also go out to Varsity CCL Champions:

Sal Flight (4:20.26 in 1600m run), and the

4 x 400m relay team of Luke Wolff, Jeremy Carlisle, Joseph Cozzi, and Sal Flight.

Varsity Medalist:

Joseph Bleyer in the 60 meter High Hurdles, bronze medalist

Frosh-Soph Champions:

Anthony Pasquesi in the Long Jump AND Triple Jump

4 x 800m relay team of Patrick Barnett, Brendan Copp, James Brosnan, and Alex Marks

Frosh-Soph Medalists:

Jack Darrow in the 3200 meter run, silver medalist

Alex Marks in the 1600 meter run, silver medalist

Nick Tolimieri in the 60 meter dash, silver medalist

Anthony Pasquesi in the pole vault, silver medalist

The 1600 meter relay team of Sean McGee, Lorente Blakeney, Patrick Barnett, and Alex Marks, silver medalists

The 4 x 200 meter relay team of Nick Tolimieri, Lorente Blakeney, Lorenzano Blakeney, and Anthony Pasquesi, bronze medalists

William Flaherty in the shot put, bronze medalist


Kevin Regan

Be at Fenwick at 11:45am.


1:45 Coaches Meeting

2:00 3200m run, heat 1 (both levels in one combined heat)

2:00 All field events begin (long jump before triple jump)

2:25 55m HH prelims (top 8 qualify for finals)

2:40 Open 1600m run

2:55 60m dash prelims (top 8 to finals)

3:20 3200m relay

3:45 3200m run, heat 2

4:10 60m HH finals

4:25 60m dash finals

4:35 800m run

5:00 800m relay

5:25 400m dash

6:00 1600m run

6:35 200m dash

7:00 1600m relay

7:30 Awards

Meet at Morton Field house


Be at the glass doors area at 3:30pm.  The bus leaves at 3:45pm.

Morton’s track is a 160m ProTraxx.  1/8 in pyramid spikes only (no needle spikes–strictly enforced) or racing flats.  

Team camps will by in the balcony.  All food and drink must remain in the camp.

Enter the track through the PE foyer entrance, located between the field house and the tennis courts.

Order of events:

A) 4x800m relay

B) 4x160m relay

C) 3200m run

D) 55m high hurdles

E) 55m dash

F) 800m run

G) 400m dash

H) 600m run

I) 55m low hurdles

J) 1600m run

K) 200m dash

L) 4 x 400m relay

Shot, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault

Field events are scheduled to begin at 4:30 pm.  Running events start at 5:00.

Lineups are posted.

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Hinsdale Central Information 2015


Be in the glass doors area at 3:20 for attendance.  The bus leaves at 3:30pm.  Coaches meeting for seeding is at 4:30pm.

Meet starts at 5:00pm with the 3200m relay and field events.

Long jump, followed by triple jump (3 jumps, cafeteria style)

Shot: F/S: only throws over 25’ will be marked/scored.  Varsity: only throws over 35’ will be marked/scored.  Top throwers in flight 1

The track is 160m.  1/8 inch spikes, 3/16 spikes, or racing flats allowed.

There are two levels: F/S and Varsity

The first two heats in all running events (except 3200m run) are scoring.  Runners most likely to score should be running in those heats.  The remaining heats are exhibition, regardless of times.

Schools: Hinsdale Central, Benet, Fenwick, Marmion, Plainfield Central, Solorio Academy, Westmont

Lineups are posted.

Order of events:

A) 3200m relay

B) 4 x 160m relay

C) 3200m Run

D) 55m High Hurdles

E) 55m Dash

F) 800m Run

G) 400m Dash

H) 600m Dash

I) 55m Low Hurdles

J) 1600m Run

K) 200m Dash

L) 4 x 400m Relay


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