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Concussion testing date announced

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All freshmen and juniors must have a concussion test this year.  If you have not already had a test this school year, you must complete one after school (before practice) on Monday, January 26.  

Requirements for all athletes before they can practice or compete…


If you are a freshman, have already competed in a sport this year, or know that you took your physical at school last May 28, you are set for the 1st day of practice.  Make sure that you also have filled out the consent forms (links below).

Everyone else, take note!

If you aren’t sure of your status on physicals, print out this form and get your physical before day 1.  You can’t practice without having had an athletic physical since the end of last year.  Also, fill out and bring in your consent forms.

Our trainers and the school nurse will be checking the roster to see that all athletes are in compliance.  You won’t be able to participate unless this is done.  

Get it done.


Physical form: IHSA PPE 2014.pdf

Compliance form #1:Emergency Contact Consent.pdf

Compliance form #2: Consent Form.pdf

First Day of Practice is Monday, January 19


The 2015 season begins on Monday, January 19.  The team will meet at 9am in room 6 (basement hallway).  It is very important that all team members who are competing during January and February attend this meeting.  Rosters will be finalized.  

We will practice all week during finals week.  Taking a break during finals to get some early season conditioning will only help you stay awake and concentrate during your study times.  We will keep practice times to a minimum.  Still, it’s important that we get to work as soon as we can.  Our first meet is Saturday, February 7 and the indoor championships will be here soon.

We’ll see you on the 19th!