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Are you triple jumping? Watch the best…

Study the technique.  Note that each phase of the jump is about the same distance.  The take off does not involve the same powerful leg drive as in the long jump–excessive height after take-off can be deadly. Watch the attack on the ground leading into the step phase (this is when the foot hits the ground after the takeoff. See that the foot hits the ground with a full-footed action. Can you see that the jumper is working on achieving more height on this second phase? Note how the jumper drives the knee to a horizontal. Note that the hop takeoff foot moves toward the gluteus maximus during flight. Note the body position during the step phase (2nd phase). Finally, watch the powerful jump phase–the third and final phase of the jump.  See how the jumper is now interested in maximizing height during the flight. Note the aggressive landing after the hang technique.


Niles West Invitational Lineups are posted

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Be at school at 7:15 am.

Coaches meeting at 8:30 am. Semis for 100m, 110m HH, and 200m dash begin at 8:45 am. Field events begin at 9:00 am. Frosh/Soph 3200m will run between the 110m HH and 200m dash.

5 alive for HJ and PV LJ and TJ are cafeteria style. shot and discus–three throws, no finals

There will be a weight man relay. Any throwers that show up on Saturday can throw (only top two count) and can participate in the relay.

Teams competing:

  1. Antioch
  2. Fenwick
  3. Plainfield East
  4. Mather
  5. Northside College Prep
  6. Yorkville
  7. Matea Valley
  8. Rich Central
  9. Huntley
  10. Shurz
  11. Niles West
  12. Harlem

Notes: No pin spikes.  Only pyramid spikes.  3 attempts in the long jump, triple jump, shot, and discus.  No finals for field events.  Long jump and triple jump are cafeteria style.

Niles West High School is in Niles on Oakton Street just west of the Edens expressway:



NEW, REVISED Lineups for Oak Park are posted


Lineups for Tuesday’s Meet at Concordia with Oak Park and Morton are on the lineups page.  These have been changed because of absences and injuries, and the addition of a 4 x 100 relay team manned by a distance crew.  

The meet will be at Concordia.  Meet in the glass doors area at 3:20pm.  Bus leaves at 3:30pm.

Field events will start as soon as all teams have arrived and warmed up (about 4:15pm).

Meet with St. Ignatius has been added to our schedule

DSC 00491

We have added a meet at St. Ignatius on Wednesday, April 16.  

FAT timing will be used.

Other teams competing will be Lincoln Park and University of Chicago.

An updated track calendar may be downloaded.  See “Links” to the right.


Tentative Schedule:

4:30 Field Events Long Jump (cafeteria for 45 minutes, 4:30- 5:15, varsity and frosh/soph combined)

High Jump (varsity and frosh/soph combined)

Shot put (varsity and frosh/soph combined)

Triple Jump (cafeteria for 45 minutes—5:15-6:00, varsity and frosh/soph combined), follows LJ

Pole Vault (varsity and frosh/soph combined)

Discus (after shot, varsity and frosh/soph combined)

4:00 4×800 (Varsity and frosh/soph combined, 1 team each level, plus exhibition teams)

4:20 4×100 (Varsity and frosh soph combined, 1 team each level, plus exhibition teams)

4:30 3200 (Varsity and F/S)

4:50 110 HH Boys (Frosh/soph, varsity)

5:05 100 (Frosh/soph, varsity)

5:15 800 (Varsity and frosh soph combined)

5:25 4×200 (Varsity and frosh soph combined, 1 team each level, plus exhibition teams)

5:35 400 (Frosh/soph, varsity)

5:50 300 IH (Frosh/soph, varsity)

6:05 1600 (Varsity and frosh soph combined)

6:15 200 ( (Frosh/soph, varsity)

6:30 4×400 (Varsity and frosh/soph combined, 1 team each level, plus exhibition heat if necessary)