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CCL Indoor Championship Results

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Results are posted on the results page.

Did you set a personal record (PR)?  You can find out by looking under the “Improv.” column.  If you see a negative sign in front of the percentage, then you achieved a PR.  The % tells you the difference between this meet’s performance and the next best performance as a percentage.  

Congratulations to everyone.  You were all instrumental in a great conference meet.  Once again, our Frosh-Soph team was in the hunt for top honors, finishing out of second place by 0.5 points.  This is the second year in a row our younger runners have done so well at the indoor meet.  The team is building toward a top varsity finish!  Keep up the good work.  There were many highlights on both the varsity and frosh-soph levels.  Check them out!

Photos from the Indoor CCL are now posted. And, how to view…

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When you click on the preview, the picture may show up in what’s called a “Lightbox”.  That is when a separate window opens over the web page for viewing pictures.  

The problem with the Lightbox is that it can take a while to load because it loads several photos at once so that you can use the next and previous buttons.  Another problem is that it is hard to save photos from the Lightbox.

If you want to see the photo on another page so that you can download it, close the Lightbox and right click on the photo.  Select the option to open the LINK in another tab or window.  

Note that the preview images may be over several pages.  There are over 100 pictures from Morton and 89 pictures from the CCL.



CCL Indoor Championship Info


Be at the entrance doors of Fenwick at 7:15am.

Time schedule:

9am Coaches Meeting

9:20 3200m run, heat 1 (F/S only)

9:20 LJ, HJ, SP, PV begin.  TJ follows LJ

9:45 55m HH prelims. Top 8 times advance to finals.

10:00 Open 1600m run

10:20 55m dash prelims.  Top 8 times advance to finals

10:40 3200m relay

11:05 3200m run

11:35 55m HH finals

11:50 55m dash finals

12:00pm 800m run

12:25 800m relay

12:50 400m dash

1:25 1600m run

1:55 200m dash

2:20 1600m relay

2:50 Awards

Make sure that you return your signed waiver form.  If you need one:  

Track Waiver U of C.pdf

Seed times are posted on the lineups page.

Lineups are posted on the lineups page.

All athletes are expected to stay until the end of the meet.  (Emergency sign outs only.)



Results from the Morton West Invitational


are on the results page.

Meet at Morton West on Friday, March 14


Be at the glass doors area at 3:20pm.

Morton’s track is a 160m ProTraxx.  1/8 in pyramid spikes only (no needle spikes–strictly enforced) or racing flats.  

Team camps will by in the balcony.  All food and drink must remain in the camp.

Enter the track through the PE foyer entrance, located between the field house and the tennis courts.

Order of events:

A) 4x800m relay

B) 4x160m relay

C) 3200m run

D) 55m high hurdles

E) 55m dash

F) 800m run

G) 400m dash

H) 600m run

I) 55m low hurdles

J) 1600m run

K) 200m dash

L) 4 x 400m relay

Shot, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault

Field events are scheduled to begin at 4:30 pm.  Running events start at 5:00.

Lineups are posted.

Screen Shot 2014 03 12 at 8 46 15 AM

Photos from Hinsdale Central and ICOPS are posted.


Practice times for this week are also posted.  One more meet before CCL championships!

Results from Hinsdale Central are posted

Triple Jump Idowu Phillips Bejing 08

Times and marks from all meets so far may be found on the results page.

2 weeks to conference!

Hinsdale Central Meet on Friday, March 7



Be in the glass doors area at 3:20 for attendance.  The bus leaves at 3:30pm.  Coaches meeting for seeding is at 4:30pm.

Meet starts at 5:00pm with the 3200m relay and field events.

Long jump, followed by triple jump (3 jumps, cafeteria style)

The track is 160m.  1/8 inch spikes or racing flats allowed.

There are two levels: F/S and Varsity

The first two heats in all running events (except 3200m run) are scoring.  Runners most likely to score should be running in those heats.  The remaining heats are exhibition, regardless of times.

Schools: Benet, Westmont, Hinsdale Central, Marmion, Roosevelt, Solorio Academy, Fenwick

Lineups are posted.

Order of events:

A) 3200m relay

B) 4 x 160m relay

C) 3200m Run

D) 55m High Hurdles

E) 55m Dash

F) 800m Run

G) 400m Dash

H) 600m Dash

I) 55m Low Hurdles

J) 1600m Run

K) 200m Dash

L) Weightman’s 4 lap relay–nonscoring

M) 4 x 400m Relay


Screen Shot 2012 03 01 at 9 55 33 AM