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Changes to the Thornwood Lineups

There have been some changes to the lineups for the Thornwood meet.  Please see the lineup page for information.

Practice Times and Locations

There is now a page where you can find the tentative practice times and locations each week.  This page will be updated on Sundays and if there are changes due to weather or facility availability, every attempt will be made to update the page at least 24 hours in advance.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact coach McKinley.

Thornwood Meet Information

Date: Saturday, February 8, 2014

All athletes should report to Fenwick at 7:45 am.  

Lineups are posted on the lineups page.  If you need a password for the lineups and results pages, please contact coach McKinley.  Passwords will be distributed to all athletes at the next team meeting.

Teams competing: Thornwood, Waubonsie Valley, Fenwick, Lane Tech

Levels of competition: Varsity, Frosh/Soph

Varsity will compete first in shot, long jump.  Frosh/Soph will compete first in triple jump, high jump and pole vault.  Triple jump follows completion of the long jump.  4 jumps in long and triple–no finals.  6 throws in shot.  Starting height in HJ and PV will be determined before the beginning of the meet.

The meet will be held in the Thornwood Fieldhouse.  NO SPIKES ALLOWED ON THIS TRACK.

Track is 160 yards–11 laps to the mile.

Entries are unlimited in all events.  Coaches will fill entry cards upon arrival.

Field events begin at 10:00am

Running events begin between 10:15 and 10:30 am.

Order of Running events:

A.  4 x 880y relay (each runner runs 5.5 laps)

B.  2 mile run (22 laps)

C. 60 y high hurdles

D. 50 y dash

E. 600 y run (3.75 laps)

F. 880y run (5.5 laps)

G. 4 x 220y relay (Each runner runs 1 and 1/3 laps)

H. 440 y dash (2.75 laps)

I.  60 y low hurdles

J. Mile run (11 laps)

K. 300y dash (1 and 7/8 laps)

L. 4 x 440 y relay (2 and 3/4 laps)


This meet should last until 1pm-2pm.  The possibility always exists that the meet could run because of unforeseen circumstances.   Please bring comfort items such as: A) high energy, low fat, easily digested food,  B) plenty of liquids (sports drinks are recommended),  C) a pillow and blanket,  D) homework

How to get there:  From Fenwick, take the Eisenhower east to the Dan Ryan.  Go south to the Bishop Ford (90) and then to exit 73A, which is 159th Street. Go west on 159th Street to Park Avenue (passing Cottage Grove, which is a major intersection).  Turn left on Park Avenue and proceed South for over a mile until you get to the school on your left.  The parking lot is south of the school building and field house.  


Address: 17101 S Park Avenue, South holland, Illinois 60473


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Meet the Coaches

A reminder that the “Meet the Coaches” meeting is Monday, February 3, at 6:15pm in the cafeteria.

Registrations were sent home with your son and an email to former track families was sent out.

If you had sent regrets but are now able to attend, please contact coach McKinley.