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Team Pictures!


Team pictures will be on Tuesday, April 23, at 4:30pm.  Bring your uniform!

Friar Relays Update


All athletes are expected to attend on Sunday.  All varsity members will be helping to run the meet.

The bus leaves Fenwick at 9:30 am.  Please be on time.

Juniors and seniors must be at Concordia by 10:30am.  

Field events and preliminaries begin at 11:00am.

Finals begin at 11:30am.


All field events are scored as relays.  Top three marks are added together to determine the team score.

Order of running events:

A) 4 x 1600m relay

B) Pentathlon 100m dash

C) 100m dash prelims

D) 4 x 800m relay

E) 4 x 100m relay

F) Sprint Medley Relay (400-200-200-800)

G) 100m dash semi-finals

H) Pentathlon 110m low hurdles

I) 4 x 110m shuttle hurdle relay

J) 4 x 200m relay

K) Pentathlon 1600m run

L) 1600m run

M) 100m dash finals

N) Distance Medley Relay (800-400-1200-1600)

O) 4 x 400m relay

Spirit wear!


Spirit wear is available.  You may order and pay on-line.  The clothing will be shipped to Fenwick.

More information:

Fenwick Track Spirit Wear – FENWICK HIGH SCHOOL .pdf

Information for Don Relays on Friday, April 19, 2013


Be ready to board the bus at 2:50 pm on Friday.  If you have 11th period, you will be on early dismissal.  Please dress immediately after 10th period.  Report to the glass doors area.

Weigh-in for shots and discs will take place in the gym lobby prior to 4:15 pm.

Scratches/substitutions may be made from 3:45-4:15pm

1/4 or 1/8 inch spikes only.

Running events will be hand-timed.

Pole vault begins at 4:30pm.

All athletes must report to the bullpen on the south end of the track by second call for their event.

Field events begin at 5pm.  Prelims begin at 5:30pm.

A) 100m dash prelims

B) 110m HH prelims

C) 4 x 800m relay

D) 4 x 100m relay

E) 110m HH finals

F) 100m dash finals

G) Sprint medley (200-200-400-800)

H) 4 x 110m low hurdle shuttle relay

I) Distance Medley (800-400-1200-1600)

J) 4 x 200m relay

K) 1600m run

L) 4 x 400m relay

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Information for Urbana Meet, Saturday, April 13, 2013


Be at school at 5:20am.  Please be on time.

Bus leaves at 5:30am.  

Bring: plenty of warm clothes, pillow, blanket, food, drink, rain gear, homework or other material to pass the time, sunscreen, and money for dinner after the meet.

We will be stopping at a buffet restaurant on the way home.

Frosh-soph events are limited to field events and relays.  Frosh-soph can compete on both levels.

Scratch meeting from 8:30am – 9:00am

Pole vault starting height: 7’6″ F/S,  8’6″ V

High jump start: 4’10” F/S, 5’2″ V

LJ, TJ, shot, discus: 4 trials and no finals, cafeteria style (90 minutes for the jumps)

All field events begin at 9:30am.

Awards: F/S and V medals for 1 thru 3 and ribbons for 4-6

1/4 inch pyramid spikes only.

Athletes must stay off of the football field.

FAT timing will be used.

Lineups are on the lineups page.

Teams competing: Argo, Champaign Central, Danville, Effingham, Fenwick, MacArthur, Manual, Mattoon, Peoria Christian, Rich South, Urbana, Zion-Benton

Order of events starting at 9:30 am

110m HH prelims

100m dash prelims

F/S 3200m relay

Varsity 3200m run (heat 1)

200m dash prelims

Varsity 3200m relay

F/S 400m relay

Varsity 400m relay

3200m run (heat 2)

110m HH finals

100m dash finals

800m run

F/S 800m relay

Varsity 800m relay

400m dash

300m Intermediate Hurdles

1600m run

200m dash

F/S 1600m relay

Varsity 1600m relay


Information for St. Ignatius meet, Wednesday, 4/10/2013


Bus leaves promptly after 11th period.  Be in the bus at 3:20pm.

6-lane, 400-meter all-weather track.  Spikes allowed

FS first, then varsity.  

Alley starts for 3200, 4×800, 800, 1600 

Do not to eat or drink anything other than water on the football field.  Set up camp as far as possible to the EAST end of the
field—toward the Sears/Willis Tower.

Tentative Schedule
4:30  Field Events
Long Jump (cafeteria for 45 minutes, 4:30- 5:15, varsity and
frosh/soph combined)
High Jump  (varsity and frosh/soph combined)
Shot put (varsity and frosh/soph combined)
Triple Jump (cafeteria for 45 minutes—5:15-6:00, varsity and
frosh/soph combined), follows LJ
Pole Vault (varsity and frosh/soph combined)
Discus (after shot, varsity and frosh/soph combined)

4:00  4×800 (Varsity and frosh/soph combined, 1 team each level, plus
exhibition teams)
4:20  4×100 (Varsity and frosh soph combined, 1 team each level, plus
exhibition teams)
4:30  3200 (Varsity and F/S)
4:50  110 HH  Boys (Frosh/soph, varsity)
5:05  100 (Frosh/soph, varsity)
5:15  800 (Varsity and frosh soph combined)
5:25  4×200 (Varsity and frosh soph combined, 1 team each level, plus
exhibition teams)
5:35  400 (Frosh/soph, varsity)
5:50  300 IH (Frosh/soph, varsity)
6:05  1600 (Varsity and frosh soph combined)
6:15  200 ( (Frosh/soph, varsity)
6:30  4×400 (Varsity and frosh/soph combined, 1 team each level, plus
exhibition heat if necessary)

Screen Shot 2013 04 08 at 8 34 37 PM

Information on Niles West Invitational, Saturday, 4/6/2013


Be at school at 7:00 am.

Bus leaves at 7:15 am.

Coaches meeting at 8:30 am.

Semis for 100m, 110m HH, and 200m dash begin at 8:45 am.

Field events begin at 9:00 am. Frosh/Soph 3200m will run between the semis of the 110m HH and 200m dash.

Order for remaining running events:

A) 4 x 800 relay

B) 4 x 100 relay

C) 3200m run, varsity

D) 110m high hurdles

E) 100m dash

F) 800m run 

G) 4 x 200m relay

H) 400m dash

I) 300m intermediate hurdles

J) 1600m run

K) 200m dash

L) 4 x 400m relay

5 alive for HJ and PV

LJ and TJ are cafeteria style.  No finals.

shot and discus–three throws, top 7 to finals.

Teams competing:

  1. Antioch
  2. Fenwick
  3. Plainfield East
  4. Mather
  5. Northside College Prep
  6. Yorkville
  7. Matea Valley
  8. Rich Central
  9. Huntley
  10. Schurz
  11. Niles West
  12. Harlem

Notes: No pin spikes.  Only pyramid spikes.  3 attempts in the long jump, triple jump, shot, and discus.    Long jump and triple jump are cafeteria style.

Niles West High School is in Niles on Oakton Street just west of the Edens expressway:


Update to Oak Park lineups

There have been a few changes to the OP lineups.  More will come at the meet once we see how warm/cold it is.