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Bolingbrook “Fast Times” Invitational

The lineups for the Bolingbrook meet are in the lineups section.

This is our last indoor meet of the season and will be held Saturday, March 24, at Lewis University.

Be at school at 8 am.

10:00 Field events (other than triple jump) begin

Shot: Top nine throws to finals

Long jump: pit is open for 2 hours: 4 jumps

10:30am Running events begin

A) 55m hurdle prelims (top twelve advance to a 2 heat final)

B) 55m dash prelims (top twelve advance to a 2 heat final)

C) 4 x 800m relay

D) 3200m run

E) 55m hurdle final

F) 55m dash final

G) 800m run

H) 4 x 200m relay

I) 400m dash

J) 1600m run

K) 200m dash

L) 4 x 400m relay


1:00pm Triple jump pit is open for 2 hours: 4 jumps

Spikes are allowed.

Meet should be finished by 4pm.

The Chicago Catholic League Indoor Championships

This is the highlight of our indoor season.  We expect our entire team to be there and cheer for their teammates.  You should attend whether or not you are competing.  Please wear your uniform.  You must ride the bus to the meet and check out before you leave.

Stay to the end of the meet.  Cheer the mile relay team!

Sprinters:  we must bring our own starting blocks.  Make sure that three are on the bus.  Make sure that they get back on the bus when we leave.

Vaulters: Assign someone to be in charge of the poles.  Make sure that all of the poles get back on the bus.

There must be at least two batons in the meet bag.

Bring your usual meet gear and comfort items.  Quarter inch spikes maximum.

Be at Fenwick at 12:00 noon.

You must have a completed waiver form turned in to compete.  No exceptions.

Seed times are posted on the lineups page.

Schedule (All times are approximate.  Events may be earlier or may be delayed.  Please pay attention so that you do not miss your event.)

1:45 Coaches meeting

2:00 Field events begin:  Long jump will precede triple jump:  3 jumps, cafeteria style, boards are open for 90 minutes (repeat for triple jump).

2:00 Running events begin.  F/S precedes V

2:00 3200m run, Heat 1

2:25 55m High Hurdle prelims, top 8 times advance to finals

2:40 Open 1600m run

2:55 55m dash prelims, top 8 times advance to finals

3:20 4 x 800m relay

3:45 3200m run

4:10 55m HH finals

4:25 55m dash finals

4:35 800m run

5:00 4 x 200m relay

5:25 400m dash

5:50 1600m run

6:20 200m dash

6:40 4 x 400m relay

7:15 Awards





CCL Indoor Championship Lineups

Our biggest indoor meet is upon us.  
The lineups are posted.  If there are any questions, please see coach McKinley as soon as possible.

More information will be posted on Thursday.


The results page has been updated.  All indoor results are now posted.

Hinsdale Central

The bus leaves at 3:30pm.  Coaches meeting for seeding is at 4:30pm.

Meet starts at 5:00pm.

The track is 160m.  1/8 inch spikes or racing flats allowed.

There are two levels: F/S and Varsity

The first two heats in all running events (except 3200m run) are scoring.  Runners most likely to score should be running in those heats.  The remaining heats are exhibition, regardless of times.

Schools: Benet, Grayslake Central, Hinsdale Central, Marmion, Roosevelt, Solorio Academy, Fenwick

Lineups are posted.

Order of events:

A) 3200m relay

B) 4 x 160m relay

C) 3200m Run

D) 55m High Hurdles

E) 55m Dash

F) 800m Run

G) 400m Dash

H) 600m Dash

I) 55m Low Hurdles

J) 1600m Run

K) 200m Dash

L) 4 x 400m Relay


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