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Lineup and information for meet at St. Ignatius


The bus will leave promptly at 3:25pm. Please be dressed and ready to go.

4 x 800m and 4 x 100m relays should start warming up as soon as we arrive.

Field events should report to their areas immediately following the team warmup laps.

Lineups: StIgnatiusLineup.pdf

And this should be obvious, but some of you may need a reminder: do not leave the track area for beef sandwiches or for any other reason without the permission of a coach. Know that the permission will most likely NOT be granted. This is actually a serious issue because of safety. While beef sandwiches may be relatively safe (the science is out on this), traffic and muggers are not safe. Bring food if you anticipate getting hungry. There will be consequences if the coaches discover that you have left the track area. We are at the end of our season. Do not jeopardize your championship series participation.


Easter break workouts


Shot and discus: coach Meier has your Easter break instructions. If you haven’t already talked to coach, get in touch with him asap.

Distance: See coach Rill or Chambers for Easter break workouts.

All other athletes:

There will be a workout focussing on field events, starts, and relays on Saturday morning. Meet at Fenwick at 8am. If the weather permits, we’ll travel from there to the track. If not, we’ll be using the gym and hallway.

There will be a strength and conditioning workout on Monday at 3:30pm. Meet at Concordia.