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Lineups and Meet Information for Oak Park, Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Be on the bus at 3:20 for attendance. The meet is at Concordia and starts about 4pm.

Sprint and field athletes:

* Events run very quickly in this type of meet. The time schedule is very different from invitationals.
* Manage your time and event schedule.
* Before the meet, you must learn the order of events.
* Before the meet, you must know what events you are in as well as what events come before your running event.

* At the meet, you must know what event is being run.

* At the meet, you must know when to start preparing for your event.
* At the meet, check out from your field event with enough time to report and prepare for your running event.

Running events take priority over field events. Inform the field event judge that you are checking out for a running event. Don’t rush one more attempt in the jumps. You’ll be given 15 minutes from the conclusion of your running event to recover and complete your jumps.

Here is the usual order of running events (finals) in outdoor track and field:

1. 4 x 800m relay
2. 4 x 100m relay
3. 3200m run
4. 110m high hurdles
5. 100m dash
6. 800m run
7. 4 x 200m relay
8. 400m dash
9. 300m intermediate hurdles
10. 1600m run
11. 200m dash
12. 4 x 400m relay

Take note: Invites that are called “relays” will have a very different lineup and order and will score the meet differently. Examples are The Don Relays and The Friar Relays. In other invitationals, a special event or two is inserted into this general lineup. Example: the weightman’s relay that will be a part of next Saturday’s Niles West Invitational.

Here is the lineup for Tuesday’s meet: Oak Park Lineup

We will try to run two relay teams for each relay event on the Frosh-Soph level. If there are no injuries, all alternates will make up a second relay team. Be ready to run your relay!