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What are you putting into your well-oiled machine?



Are you getting in shape?  Is that shape round?  Round is a shape.

If that’s the shape you want to be in, then eat chips, french fries, bacon cheeseburgers, lots of pizza, candy, and sugary drinks.  You’ll be round in no time.  And slow.  And sleepy.

And your track shorts will start looking like speedos.

Do you want to be fast and strong?  Competing at your highest level?  Alert and competitive in the classroom?  Then consider your diet as part of your overall training regime.

Don’t skimp on eating, but, eat lean and light.  Fatty and heavy are not good words for your training table.

The bulk of your diet should be vegetables and grains, but you need lean protein too.

Stay away from fatty fried foods.  Fast foods are tasty, cheap, and easy.  But they’ll cost you in the end.  A cheeseburger and fries should be a treat every once in a while, not a regular part of your diet.

Candy is dandy, but it’s empty calories.  Empty calories = round shape.

Here’s an excellent resource on diet for track athletes:

Read that.  Learn.  Eat well.

And get into the right shape for track.

Round is not the right shape.