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Varsity CCL Championship Seeds


Field Event Seeds: CCLvarsitySeedsField.pdf

Relay Seeds: CCLvarsitySeedsRelay.pdf

Distance Seeds: CCLvarsitySeedsDistance.pdf

Sprint Event Seeds: CCLvarsitySeedsSprints.pdf

Hurdles Seeds: CCLvarsitySeedsHurdles.pdf

Lineups and information for this week’s CCL varsity championship


Be at Fenwick at 7:15 am.  Bus leaves at 7:30 am.

Tentative time schedule:

9:00 am Coaches’ Meeting

9:30 am Field events:

Shot and Discus: 3 flights, 3 throws, top 9 to finals

Long Jump and Triple Jump: Cafeteria style, 1 hour each, 3 jumps top 9 to finals

High Jump: 5′ 4″ starting height

Pole Vault: 8′ 0″ starting height

10:00 am Prelims 100m top 8 fastest times to finals (6 heats)

110m HH top 8 fastest times to finals (4 heats)

3200m run–section 1 200m dash 8 fastest times to finals (6 heats)

1600m run exhibition 2 heats, non-scoring

11:15 am Finals

Lineup: Lineups_Varsity_CCL_Outdoor_2010.pdf

The conference championships will be held at Loyola: Loyola.jpg