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Martin Grady 4th

Martin Grady finished 4 th in the state finals in 9:14.80. Congratulations!

3200m relay 11th

The 4x800m relay team of Matt Shannon, Bill Toohey, Matt Hipskind, and Steve Blazer were 11th in 7:58.32.

Steve Blazer

Blaze made a valiant attempt to come back after a blistering split in the 3200m relay. But the short turn around and high temps proved to be too much as Steve failed to qualify for Saturday’s final.


Ray Laforteza finishes strong in his flight

Ray’s best was 138’7″.


Dan Nierzwicki 6th

Dan finished 6th in his qualifying heat. He was in the top three through the first hurdles but hit the last ones hard–still finishing strong in 14.91.


4 x 800m has qualified

The relay team placed 6th among all qualifiers and will compete in Saturday’s finals. Congratulations!


4 x 800 m relay 2nd in their qualifying heat

7:52.43 was the qualifying time. Shannon, Toohey, Hipskind, Blazer

Awards Banquet

Our awards banquet will be held in the student cafeteria on Tuesday, May 24. Doors open at 6:30. Dinner will begin to be served at 6:45. The awards presentation will begin about 7pm.

Sectional Lineup

You will be released from school at the end of period 4/5.  Get dressed and meet by the glass doors within 15 minutes.  Attendance will be taken and the bus will leave for Concordia.  You might have time to grab a quick lunch.  Keep track of the time.



Sectional Work Assignments

All athletes not competing are expected to help at the sectional.

You will be released from your classes after period 3 on Thursday.

Report to the glass doors.

Work assignments:WorkAssignmentsSectional.pdf