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Our first meet is at Thornwood

Although not yet official, the order of events at Thornwood:

1. 4 x 880 relay
2. 2 mile
3. 60y high hurdles
4. 50y dash
5. 600y run
6. 880y run
7. 4 x 220y relay
8. 440y dash
9. 60y low hurdles
10. 1 mile
11. 300y dash
12. 4 x 440 relay

Field events: shot, high jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump

Lineups will be up by Thursday.

Vaulters! Learn to fly at Vault Chicago “Jumpin’ Sundays” Vault Camp


Sundays at Bloom High School: anyone at any level of vault experience can participate in vault camp.

A maximum of two athletes from each school can attend. The best vaulters in our league have cut their teeth at these camps so consider participating.

You should bring your own pole. The cost is $20 per session.

Let coach McKinley know if you are interested so that Fenwick can coordinate their participants and equipment.

More information and an application at: