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Information on the Thornwood Meet

Be at Fenwick at 7:45 am.

Bring water, food, a pillow, something to read or study. Think comfort. There will be a long wait between events for some of you.

We’ll arrive at Thornwood H.S. about 9 am. This will give people in the field events and the first running events time to warm up.

When the meet is almost over, there will be a message left on this site (see the Twitter box to the right about messages from meets). Your parents can then anticipate picking you up if necessary. Be patient with this service because it’s the first time we’ve used it.

Below is the link to the lineup sheets. There were a couple of changes this afternoon and you can see those on the bulletin board in the basement hallway.

The Lineup for the Thornwood meet…..(click here)

Meet at Thornwood High School, Saturday, 2/6/09

Here is a map to Thornwood.