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Dynamic Stretching/Form Running

Every day before practice begins, the sprinters and field event athletes go through a routine to get the blood flowing and then to increase the range of motion of muscles and lubricate joints. The type of pre-workout stretches we do are called dynamic stretches.

The routine is as follows.

Light running for 10-20 minutes.

Dynamic flexibility/form running:

1. Knee Pulls, walking: knee pulled into chest using both hands to assist, slow and deliberate

2. Butt Kicks, walking: keep foreleg straight down and pull heel into the buttocks (use hand for assist): slow

3. High Knees, skipping: a hop with a high knee action

4. High Knees, running: trying to lift the knees as high as possible

5. Butt Kicks, running: kicking buttocks with heels

6. Toy Soldiers: arms straight out, straight leg kick to the hands

7. Side Slide: hands up, run/glide sideways, feet do not cross—both sides

8. Karaoke: side running, feet cross over—both sides

9. Bounding

10. Backwards running

Sprinting (30-40 m) then follows.

After our workout, we do a series of static stretching exercises.

This YouTube video demonstrates some of our dynamic stretching exercises (as well as others):

Check out the on-line calendar

clock.jpg You’ll get a printed calendar on the first day of practice (January 20), but you can get a revised and updated version by subscribing to the on-line calendar. (perfect for your iphone!) There is a link to the right if you ever need to get to it. Events will be added as the season progresses.

The ShoeMobile is coming to Fenwick

runner_left_new.gifThe ShoeMobile will be coming to Fenwick on Tuesday, February 3rd, at 3:30 pm. They will bring a variety of trainers, racing flats, and a few event shoes. They will also have a bargain bin.

However, to get the most out of this visit, you should go to their catalog, at and look over their selection of men’s running shoes. They have a nice selection of event shoes also.

Before the shoemobile comes out, I’ll be making a list of shoes you would like them to bring. You can make a couple of selections with a size range, and they’ll put it on the truck.

You can also select other items from their catalog, give that info to me, and they’ll bring that out too.

Great opportunity to do your track shopping during practice!

Everyone needs new shoes.