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Summer weight training


This is your chance to get stronger and faster and to look your best.  Summer strength training begins TUESDAY, JUNE 19, at 5:30.  All Friars can participate at no charge.  You’ll warm up and then be taken through a set of exercises that work upper body, core, lower body, or full body.  Workouts will be on M, Tu, and Th thru July 19.  Estimated finish time is 6:30pm.

A Sunday session is also planned.  More information on Sunday workouts is coming.

Spring Break Workouts


Stay in shape. Come back refreshed and ready for the last 7 weeks of the season.

Coach Nierzwicki will be at the track Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday over break. If you can make it, be there at 3:15. Practice will go until about 4:30. On the other days, rest and have fun!

Sprint and Field Workouts if you can get to the track: Spring break Workouts A

Spring and Field Workouts if you can’t get to a track: Spring break Workouts NA

Distance Workouts: Spring break distance workouts

Practice on Monday, 4/12/10


Track practice for all sprint and field athletes will begin at 2:30 on Monday. Meet at Concordia. Distance athletes should check with coach Rill.

Don’t be in the wrong place in this picture…


by missing important practices and two meets over spring break.

Sprinters and Field Events:

Holy Thursday–off

Good Friday–off

Holy Saturday–off

Easter Sunday–off

Monday of Easter week: Practice at 2:30 pm. Go straight to Concordia (no bus)

Tuesday of Easter week: OPRF, Morton, Fenwick Triangular Meet at Concordia. Bus leaves Fenwick at 3pm. Be at school at 2:45pm

Wednesday of Easter week: Practice at 2:30 pm. Go straight to Concordia (no bus)

Thursday-Friday of Easter week: Check with your individual coach. Practice times and days may vary.

Saturday of Easter week: Niles West Invitational. Two levels. Location: Niles West High School.

Dynamic Stretching/Form Running

Every day before practice begins, the sprinters and field event athletes go through a routine to get the blood flowing and then to increase the range of motion of muscles and lubricate joints. The type of pre-workout stretches we do are called dynamic stretches.

The routine is as follows.

Light running for 10-20 minutes.

Dynamic flexibility/form running:

1. Knee Pulls, walking: knee pulled into chest using both hands to assist, slow and deliberate

2. Butt Kicks, walking: keep foreleg straight down and pull heel into the buttocks (use hand for assist): slow

3. High Knees, skipping: a hop with a high knee action

4. High Knees, running: trying to lift the knees as high as possible

5. Butt Kicks, running: kicking buttocks with heels

6. Toy Soldiers: arms straight out, straight leg kick to the hands

7. Side Slide: hands up, run/glide sideways, feet do not cross—both sides

8. Karaoke: side running, feet cross over—both sides

9. Bounding

10. Backwards running

Sprinting (30-40 m) then follows.

After our workout, we do a series of static stretching exercises.

This YouTube video demonstrates some of our dynamic stretching exercises (as well as others):