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Vault over the reindeer


And here’s a couple of camp possibilities for our future championship vaulters.

The SkyJumpers program has been praised by several CCL coaches (who have great vaulters on their programs). So grab your Christmas cookies and wrap the pole in garland and tinsel and GO. If you need a pole, see coach McKinley this week.

Skyjumpers website

Skyjumpers camp (at Bloom H.S.) brochure

There’s a camp at Maine South in February.


Fly with the reindeer


Here’s another camp. One problem: no vault. The website is

Brochure and Registration Form

Track Clinic at NC College, Sunday, December 14


You can register up to 45 minutes before the session. Looks like a good clinic for hurdles, jumps and throws.

Here’s the necessary registration form: