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Info on the Conference Meet

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The Chicago Catholic League Indoor Track Championships will be held at the University of Chicago.

Be at Fenwick at 12:15pm.

Coaches meeting at 1:50.

Field and running underway at 2:10.

Remember that there is no sign-out at this meet.  The meet ends for all at 7:30pm.

Here is the complete schedule.  2017 GCAC-CCL Conference Schedule.pdf

Here are the seeds for Sunday’s meet: CCL Seeds Sheets.pdf

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 You must own a uniform.  Get this obligation out of the way so that you can compete in major meets.  Contact a coach if you need help with this.

Lineups for Thornwood are posted

If you are planning on coming to the meet but are not in the lineup, please email coach McKinley immediately.

If you can’t come to the meet and are in the lineup, email coach McKinley as soon as possible.

Meet at Morton Field house


Be at the glass doors area at 3:30pm.  The bus leaves at 3:45pm.

Morton’s track is a 160m ProTraxx.  1/8 in pyramid spikes only (no needle spikes–strictly enforced) or racing flats.  

Team camps will by in the balcony.  All food and drink must remain in the camp.

Enter the track through the PE foyer entrance, located between the field house and the tennis courts.

Order of events:

A) 4x800m relay

B) 4x160m relay

C) 3200m run

D) 55m high hurdles

E) 55m dash

F) 800m run

G) 400m dash

H) 600m run

I) 55m low hurdles

J) 1600m run

K) 200m dash

L) 4 x 400m relay

Shot, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault

Field events are scheduled to begin at 4:30 pm.  Running events start at 5:00.

Lineups are posted.

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CCL Frosh Soph Championships: Thursday, May 8, 2014


The squeeze

The Chicago Catholic League Frosh-Soph Track Championships will be held at Concordia University in River Forest this Thursday, May 8.  

All team members will be on the early dismissal list.  You will be released from class at 1:15pm—that’s 15 minutes before the end of class (regular bell schedule).  Please inform your teachers (9th and 10th periods).  Be dressed and ready to go at 1:30pm.  

Bus leaves for Concordia at 1:40pm.

Screen Shot 2014 05 05 at 12 48 53 PM

Are you pole vaulting? Watch the best…

Things to watch: full arm extension on takeoff, the “long jump style” takeoff with high knee drive and trying to maximize height (jumping the pole to vertical), the takeoff leg being held back and then swinging forcefully to meet the free leg in a tuck position, the active “shoot, pull, turn, push, and throw-away”.

Are you long jumping? Watch the best…

The long jump is a full sprint with an explosive “high jump” at the end. It requires speed and accuracy. Watch for the jumper’s free leg drive: the thigh is nearly horizontal. See the powerful arm drive. Watch the full footed action off of the board. See the jumper taking off with his center of mass beyond the board. You will see hang and rotation techniques during the flight phase. But all of these world class jumpers have one thing in common–they have incredible vertical! See how high they are when they are at the peak of their flight.

Are you triple jumping? Watch the best…

Study the technique.  Note that each phase of the jump is about the same distance.  The take off does not involve the same powerful leg drive as in the long jump–excessive height after take-off can be deadly. Watch the attack on the ground leading into the step phase (this is when the foot hits the ground after the takeoff. See that the foot hits the ground with a full-footed action. Can you see that the jumper is working on achieving more height on this second phase? Note how the jumper drives the knee to a horizontal. Note that the hop takeoff foot moves toward the gluteus maximus during flight. Note the body position during the step phase (2nd phase). Finally, watch the powerful jump phase–the third and final phase of the jump.  See how the jumper is now interested in maximizing height during the flight. Note the aggressive landing after the hang technique.


Barnett and Blazer are all-state

Steve Blazer finished 6th in the state in the 800m run with a time of 1:54.15.

Ian Barnett finished 5th in the state in 1600m with a time of 4:14.48.



Ian Barnett sets a new school record, Steve Blazer also qualifies for finals


Congratulations to senior Ian Barnett for setting a new school record of 4:14.30 in the 1600m.  Ian enters the finals of Saturday’s state meet seeded first.

Leading the field for three laps before being overtaken with 100m to go, Ian finished with a blistering kick, finishing first and surprising the field.

Saturday’s finals will be exciting. fast and furious with a Fenwick Friar in the hunt for top honors.


Also, in a blazingly fast 800m heat, Steve Blazer finished in the midst of a very competitive field and qualified for Saturday’s finals.  Steve matched his school record and is looking to the high speed chase for the championship tomorrow.